i have gross feet.

my second and third toes on both feet are longer than my big toes. some people say that you are supposed to be smarter if your second toe is longer than your first. i am not sure what they say about you if your second and third are... these are my alien toes. my fourth … Continue reading i have gross feet.

taaa-daaaaaaa! a list!

my lady friend Sarah over at Our Daily Craft shouted me out to post a list. and i said i would, so here it is: in no particular order, the first eleven things i thought of that i am thankful for in this winterymess. 1. family snow day- i mean, this is the shit dreams … Continue reading taaa-daaaaaaa! a list!

enjoythesnow day

today i had my first first snow ball fight in years. apparently i can only hit people in the face. sometimes those people are my almost five and seven year old nephews. sorry boys. in my defense i was aiming for their parents. today was the first time i have left my house in days. … Continue reading enjoythesnow day

what goes around comes around.

i get the pleasure of spending this weekend with a wonderful group of women, in a beautiful place, getting work done. what work? great question! if i had a weekend to get something done. get something started. what would i do? what would it be? for me, it has felt like it needed to be … Continue reading what goes around comes around.

3o day challange- part deux

i remember during my first 30 day challenge how amazing it was to hear that i am not the only one who has dirty kitchen disorder. and that it was meaningful to some of you as well, to know that you aren't alone.  and to be honest, i still haven't scrubbed the thing, even after … Continue reading 3o day challange- part deux

artist: own it

hey ya'll!thanks for all the love and support.i got the email today that I was not accepted as a vendor for the juried craft show.while i would have been over the moon to be able to show my work, it really solidifies for me that i do not really belong in the realm of crafters.it … Continue reading artist: own it

awbu handmade marketplace & what’s next!

while i shared a bit here and there about the AWBU conference, i didn't about the Handmade Marketplace. apparently it was the first year for it. my gal pal Sarah forwarded a facebook post to me, encouraging me to participate. i was so flattered! and then i sat on it for a few weeks. i … Continue reading awbu handmade marketplace & what’s next!

on girlfriends.

i moved to northwest arkansas from kansas city over three years ago. the city (and suburban area) that i had called home for most of my life. and when i left, i moved away from a support system that people dream of. {we are the lucky ones! right friends?!} and many, many, many members of … Continue reading on girlfriends.

ROLLCALL! awbu love

yes, i shared my two big takeaways, but what i didn't share was some call outs to these fabulous ladies who i am happy to add to my tribe. i really treasure all the conversations and interactions i had with these ladies, but here are a few of the highlights. meeting Stephanie Buckley- The Park … Continue reading ROLLCALL! awbu love

my biggest take aways from AWBU

this weekend i went to my first blogger conference, Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged. {perhaps you saw my twitter feed exlpode with #awbu?} i feel like i could write a billion words right now.but the lovely and talented-and i mean every ounce of both of those words-Angie Albright suggested i keep it around 350-500 words, so … Continue reading my biggest take aways from AWBU