why the baskets?

i had four monster sized trash bags full of strips of 2-3" wide hand torn vintage sheets and fabric. why you ask? you see, i fell in love with a pinterest pin when planning my wedding and set out to make it happen. the end result-thanks to some seriously awesome people that i get to … Continue reading why the baskets?

i love trees

it's true. if you have spent anytime with my photos on this blog you see that i love trees. if you have seen my artshit you know that i love trees. if you know of my love for this ozark country home of mine you know that i love trees. today, i love trees more … Continue reading i love trees

enjoythesnow day

today i had my first first snow ball fight in years. apparently i can only hit people in the face. sometimes those people are my almost five and seven year old nephews. sorry boys. in my defense i was aiming for their parents. today was the first time i have left my house in days. … Continue reading enjoythesnow day

over re-committed

i signed up last wednesday for a 30 day challengne, sponsored by the talented Jacqueline Wolven. i committed to 20 minutes of movement and 20 minutes of meditation daily. i may have over committed a bit, since i have all ready been working on not eating grains, making sure i get all seven servings of … Continue reading over re-committed