i have gross feet.

my second and third toes on both feet are longer than my big toes.
some people say that you are supposed to be smarter if your second toe is longer than your first.
i am not sure what they say about you if your second and third are…
these are my alien toes.
my fourth toes are both crooked and fold into my third toes.
my pinkies are tiny, have creepy small nails and fit like a awkward puzzle piece into my fourth toes.
the contour of my foot is more or less a smooth line, sickly mirroring the shape of the toe bed in a high heel.
i have wide feet. with high arches.
there is a family history of bunions.
my feet have always looked like candidates.

a few years ago i noticed that the stickyouty part on the outside of my left foot, near the base of my pinkie toe, was sticking out more than usual.
and it was sore.
great. bunions.

i was suddenly 80 years old.
all the years of lacing my cleats as tight as i could. walking on my tippy toes. dancing for hours on end in stilettos. coupled with my genetic pre-disposition equals tailor’s bunions.
or bunionettes.

doesn’t that make it them sound dainty?

since then I have been much kinder to my feet, but now it is the right side that is in more pain.
and so it is with a broken heart that I officially and finally remove myself from the cute shoe club.
it has been a gradual decline, but in the end care more about hiking mountains than how my ass looks when i wear a pair of heels.
{i could also do some squats…just saying}

from here on out it is wide toe box, zero drop heels for me.
i may even throw in some exercises and toe spacers.

after buying and returning two pairs of boots this fall, i finally figured out what i needed.
in the next few days I should be getting three pairs of vivobarefoot shoes to try- a flat, a shoe and a boot.

i hope they all work. and then it is time to handle the next issue…pants.

being in your thirties is weird. you can keep up with my granola gear on pinterest. until next time, i hope you are well!

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