coming up for air

i keep telling myself i am going to write an editorial calendar. i keep having debates in my mind about what to do with this space. i keep opening drafts and closing them. i keep waiting to have time. and it just doesn't happen. and it just won't happen, unless i MAKE it happen. today … Continue reading coming up for air

bippity boppity blah

i am feeling a little lost in my workshop. at my fingertips i have all the ingredients to create many beautiful things. but nothing is coming to mind. i think i am still recovering from the craft show. lots of people have inquired about it and thank you for caring! it is likely that if … Continue reading bippity boppity blah

you know how sometimes, the universe just TELLS you what is up?

that happened for me. looking back, signs had been a'swirlin. the Arkansas Women's Blogger Conference was the first weekend in September. i had a beautiful time meeting new people and hanging out with friends i had met over the last year. i had no idea what i would get out of the conference, as i … Continue reading you know how sometimes, the universe just TELLS you what is up?

what kind of art do you make?

i have sold a few more things through etsy! in addition to the custom bowls (which i got to hand dye fabric for!!!), i made my first vintage saleS!! i have grown the shop quite a bit lately and with that i have had to write descriptions of some of my art. it is as … Continue reading what kind of art do you make?

{simplify} prepare to sell

in january i cleaned out my closet and told you all about how we were going to get ready to sell the house. since then we have made some pretty major progress on the house, of course with help from our friends. {thank you friends!} the mister set a deadline for the end of the … Continue reading {simplify} prepare to sell

one time…

i opened a prana catalog, got my first taste of Mary Oliver and decided that it was time for something different. and the adventure started. i quit my job, moved to arkansas from kansas city with the man and the mutts and we took it from there. the woman who lives in the woods is … Continue reading one time…

tiny update.

so, a few things you should know about. 1. i am still kicking it 30 day challenge style with Jackie Wolven and a bunch of other wonderful (at this time all) ladies. my current challenge is 30 min of movement a day. on day 5, i am at 100%. this weekend will be the first … Continue reading tiny update.

3o day challange- part deux

i remember during my first 30 day challenge how amazing it was to hear that i am not the only one who has dirty kitchen disorder. and that it was meaningful to some of you as well, to know that you aren't alone.  and to be honest, i still haven't scrubbed the thing, even after … Continue reading 3o day challange- part deux

30 day challange confession

so i am still doing the 30 day challenge. i am in my second week. things are going all right. i am a really messy person. and i live in kind of a grimy home. there. (exhale) i said it. i am thirty-one years old and i am finally giving a shit about cleaning up … Continue reading 30 day challange confession

ahoy monday!

i remembered to take my breakfast and lunch with me to work (this is half the battle). i had plain greek yogurt with honey and a half cup of blueberries. i have found that to get my seven servings of vegetables in, i have to eat a huge salad for lunch. and at this point … Continue reading ahoy monday!