It’s time to fail.

sometimes it is so hard to press publish.  there is something i should have posted months ago. {last edited feburary 17, 2015:} It's time to fail. Or at least be open to it. i was invited to be a park of a charity silent auction in Ft. Smith, Arkansans at the end of August. When … Continue reading It’s time to fail.

bippity boppity blah

i am feeling a little lost in my workshop. at my fingertips i have all the ingredients to create many beautiful things. but nothing is coming to mind. i think i am still recovering from the craft show. lots of people have inquired about it and thank you for caring! it is likely that if … Continue reading bippity boppity blah

why the baskets?

i had four monster sized trash bags full of strips of 2-3" wide hand torn vintage sheets and fabric. why you ask? you see, i fell in love with a pinterest pin when planning my wedding and set out to make it happen. the end result-thanks to some seriously awesome people that i get to … Continue reading why the baskets?

artist: own it

hey ya'll!thanks for all the love and support.i got the email today that I was not accepted as a vendor for the juried craft show.while i would have been over the moon to be able to show my work, it really solidifies for me that i do not really belong in the realm of … Continue reading artist: own it

times, they are a changing

i have a wonderful friend in Arkansas that takes such thoughtful care of me. and part of this care has been inviting me to all kinds of networking events and meet ups and feeding that part of me that needs to be around large groups of amazing women. and while I always enjoy meeting new … Continue reading times, they are a changing

recipe time! mexican spiced chicken with avocado cream sauce

when we are being “good” and meal planning it goes down like this. bust out cookbooks and get online pick enough dinners for each night of the time period until we think we will go to the store again. make sure that most of these meals have components that translate well to lunch the next … Continue reading recipe time! mexican spiced chicken with avocado cream sauce

eat good food

no grains again this week. tonight I got home a bit late and was starrrrving. my recipe was up, so that meant cooking duties for this girl. and my pick of chickpea schwarma. I thought this was going to be an ordeal, but it was pretty smooth sailing. I was guided by this post on … Continue reading eat good food

salad jar

i said i wasn't setting any goals until next month, but since we have been talking about it at home, b and i have started setting weekly goals. this week is no grains, no alcohol and at least 3 days of activity. so far, so good. we spent sunday meal planning and going to three … Continue reading salad jar