who needs cotton?

b got me a record player for our second anniversary. {our anniversary is on the tenth, but the man can't wait to give a gift. i am impatient, so it works out.} it is portable, so it all closes up into a carrying case, that when i first took out of the box made me … Continue reading who needs cotton?


I miss bookshelves full of books.

I miss dark hardwoods. Four inch baseboards. I want to finish painting my house. Then I can hang art. And find places for things. If my husband is reading this he just cringed. Not about the art, about the things. Owning a home is such a strange feeling. There is so much more to get … Continue reading I miss bookshelves full of books.

i think i just freaked out a little

it is a windy day down here in the tree-tops of arkansas. but still no rain. i was sitting here, in the office, making some to-do lists and looking for some things on line when all of the sudden i realized it... HOLY SH*T I AM GETTING MARRIED IN A MONTH and while if the … Continue reading i think i just freaked out a little

new house! things I do love…

more storage space in the laundry room than in our entire house in kc sweet pull-out shelves for increased awesomeness. I never knew I would be a custom cabinetry freak, but I am! the view, this time from the kitchen. double oven OMG big deck wood burning money save c-to-the-meffing-raft room posting from my phone … Continue reading new house! things I do love…