awbu handmade marketplace & what’s next!

while i shared a bit here and there about the AWBU conference, i didn’t about the Handmade Marketplace. apparently it was the first year for it. my gal pal Sarah forwarded a facebook post to me, encouraging me to participate. i was so flattered!
and then i sat on it for a few weeks. i didn’t even have to apply, i just had to email a (then) stranger and say that i wanted to participate.i finally i joined Arkansas Women Blogger group, signed up for the conference and sent the note about showing my work.

and then i got to work! i haven’t shown in years and have only done a handful of commissions, so i had some work on my hands. i have also not had time to spend creating, but i hadn’t stopped acquiring materials, so i was ready to go!

where the magic happens….my craft room


fast forward a bit. on saturday morning at breakfast all the girls that would be in the show that night sat down to talk about what time we could get in to set up and the general idea of how things would work. i skipped one session to set up and was lucky to get a hand from from Keisha of Big Pitt Stop to move a table over to where i could lean things up against the wall.


from there i waited. and chatted. and explained. and smiled. oh yeah, and sold a few things too. but the real gold was in the feedback, the compliments and the contacts. i have been setting intentions around my work for a while now and am finally feeling the support to step forward.

Thanks to these ladies for their support! I hope your lovelies are making your homes happier. And to Ms. DeltaMoxie, i am bummed I didn’t get a photo with you! I hope you are enjoying it!

silly Paige
happy Sarah

and i should note that a large part of that support has come/is coming from the Arkansas blogger family. thanks for practicing what you preach and welcoming me into your tribe. your support is amazing.

and with that support i finally took a step i have dreampt of for a long time. i submitted an entry to a craft show , The Little Craft Show, in fayetteville to be more precise.  i will find out if i was accepted on friday AND i leave for NYC on friday, so the suspense of this week may kill me.

but first…more wedding crafting. i can’t wait to share what all we have done for my cousin’s wedding!

until then, be well!

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