the kitchen view

this morning’s sunrise was incredible.
pink. purple. red. orange. yellow. blue. streaking across the sky and reflecting in the puddles on the deck.
the colors have faded by now, leaving one of my favorite scenes in this valley. total cloud cover, save for a sliver across the tree tips where the robin’s egg blue sky peaks through.
it’s raining softy now, dimpling the lake and moving the water.
fog hanging low in the coves and the hills.
sitting at my kitchen table, with windows on three sides of me, clicking away on the laptop as i have so many times before.
stopping to take in this beautiful eastern view that has greeted me daily for five years.
it is in this seat that i have watched the seasons change, shared countless meals, drinks, laughs, games and stories. from here i have planned our wedding, worked too many hours on someone else’s dream and then worked equally as many defining and working to get in line with my own. now i sit here planning traveling metalsmithing workshops, running timelines, looking at costs, writing sequences, researching, journaling…

i am doing things now that were dreams before.

and soon the view will change too…

and for all this (and more), i am deeply grateful.

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