enjoythesnow day

today i had my first first snow ball fight in years. apparently i can only hit people in the face. sometimes those people are my almost five and seven year old nephews. sorry boys. in my defense i was aiming for their parents. today was the first time i have left my house in days. … Continue reading enjoythesnow day


tonight i had the pleasure of seeing some friendly, sweet, sassy faces and the chance to meet some new ones as well.tonight i was reminded that you don't always have to say a lot. or anything at all. and that you don't have to be sorry, provide an excuse or an explanation for why you … Continue reading arkanbloggers


this morning we were a little surprised to see a nice dusting of snow. got up and started getting ready, like usual. let the pups out- luna loves the snow, winnie is not such a fan. i put on my snow boots and robe (i know, what a hot mental image) to take some photos... … Continue reading arkansnow