i typed words! (liz)

holy anyday!  

four & a half years ago, & too many bud light limes (bl nums) later, t & i came up with this idea for our project that has lasted longer than any other project i’ve been apart of. aside from college, really. we waited until we both upgraded to smart phones (ha ha) & t aqcuired ahoyfriend.com & we were off. thanks to a weekend of derek & the dominos “anyday” on repeat, we found our name. 

our pictures have tracked our everyday lives, moves across country, travels, family, a lot of booze (mostly me), lots of pups & absolutely nothing.  sometimes feeling like a job, but mostly looking forward to what we each got up to five days a week.

my favorite part of this is the communication.  we all get wrapped up in our lives, “being busy”, blah, blah, blah, but this guaranteed that i got to chat w/ t in some capacity five days a week, for 234.798556 weeks. (!!). i’m going to miss that part, even though sometimes it was only a text of “drafty” or “pubs”.

so, farewell anyday, you’ve been a huge part of our lives for so long. thanks to all who looked at our stories & pictures; ahoy!! i’ll end this with a picture of when it all went down, many years ago on the buddy moon on beaver lake; when t bleached her hair & i still wore a bikini..

xoxo liz

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