the kitchen view

this morning's sunrise was incredible. pink. purple. red. orange. yellow. blue. streaking across the sky and reflecting in the puddles on the deck. the colors have faded by now, leaving one of my favorite scenes in this valley. total cloud cover, save for a sliver across the tree tips where the robin's egg blue sky … Continue reading the kitchen view

forced disconnect

wednesday night i sat my phone in a cup of sangria. today is friday. it feels embarrassing to say how awkward it was initially without it. i have a screen curfew and feel like i am pretty in-touch with my phone and social media habits. i take breaks from both often. yet, that night i … Continue reading forced disconnect

so… what the hell are you doing?

please note: it has been a week since i began this draft and in the spirit of telling people what the hell is going on, i am just going to hit publish once i wrap it up....mmkay? i meant to write this a week ago, but life. lots of life. my last day was thursday, … Continue reading so… what the hell are you doing?