what goes around comes around.

i get the pleasure of spending this weekend with a wonderful group of women, in a beautiful place, getting work done.

what work? great question!
if i had a weekend to get something done. get something started. what would i do? what would it be? for me, it has felt like it needed to be time for me and ahoyfriend to spend some quality one on one time together.
but what would i do?

i spent some time visiting some articles that ladies had posted in anticipation of our weekend. and again felt compelled to spend the weekend here. perhaps make a manageable editorial calendar to tackle? some clean up? try and learn something new?

while i sat here tonight, looking over a post i wrote last night, but just couldn’t get through, my phone buzzed.


Kristy came back to blogging this week, after over a year away and wrote a very honest post about her apprehensions to come back to blogging and how she planned to overcome those obstacles, because it is something she loves. the timing was amazing. it served as a personal reminder to me that this place, this blog, is not something that happens without a commitment and it brings me such joy, that i should want to do it. and in addition to that, just because it is an outlet, doesn’t mean that some amount of planning won’t help me keep it in my schedule.

also, Miss.Kristy NAILED her theme. head on over to kskristy and give her some love.
not only is she sweet, thoughtful and fun- she is one hell of a writer and a fabulous photographer.

please feel free to hurl advice my way on how to wrangle the blog beast. until then-here is to a productive weekend, with a plan.

2 thoughts on “what goes around comes around.

  1. hello! i discovered your blog through Kristy’s tweet đŸ™‚ so glad that you were encouraged too and I am so glad to “meet” you!!

    on blogger you can schedule posts ahead of time (i am assuming you can do that here too!) that helps me so much! i try to find some time during the week to think ahead a couple posts – then when i get a chance to sit down with my computer i get them all out and scheduled. then i don’t feel like every day after my full time job that i have to blog.

    also, i like to have a couple posts in mind that i can do – that helps me avoid writers block because i always have a couple back ups!

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