you know how sometimes, the universe just TELLS you what is up?

that happened for me. looking back, signs had been a'swirlin. the Arkansas Women's Blogger Conference was the first weekend in September. i had a beautiful time meeting new people and hanging out with friends i had met over the last year. i had no idea what i would get out of the conference, as i … Continue reading you know how sometimes, the universe just TELLS you what is up?

3o day challange- part deux

i remember during my first 30 day challenge how amazing it was to hear that i am not the only one who has dirty kitchen disorder. and that it was meaningful to some of you as well, to know that you aren't alone.  and to be honest, i still haven't scrubbed the thing, even after … Continue reading 3o day challange- part deux

30 day challange confession

so i am still doing the 30 day challenge. i am in my second week. things are going all right. i am a really messy person. and i live in kind of a grimy home. there. (exhale) i said it. i am thirty-one years old and i am finally giving a shit about cleaning up … Continue reading 30 day challange confession

over re-committed

i signed up last wednesday for a 30 day challengne, sponsored by the talented Jacqueline Wolven. i committed to 20 minutes of movement and 20 minutes of meditation daily. i may have over committed a bit, since i have all ready been working on not eating grains, making sure i get all seven servings of … Continue reading over re-committed