{simplify} prepare to sell

in january i cleaned out my closet and told you all about how we were going to get ready to sell the house. since then we have made some pretty major progress on the house, of course with help from our friends. {thank you friends!} the mister set a deadline for the end of the … Continue reading {simplify} prepare to sell

taaa-daaaaaaa! a list!

my lady friend Sarah over at Our Daily Craft shouted me out to post a list. and i said i would, so here it is: in no particular order, the first eleven things i thought of that i am thankful for in this winterymess. 1. family snow day- i mean, this is the shit dreams … Continue reading taaa-daaaaaaa! a list!


tonight i had the pleasure of seeing some friendly, sweet, sassy faces and the chance to meet some new ones as well.tonight i was reminded that you don't always have to say a lot. or anything at all. and that you don't have to be sorry, provide an excuse or an explanation for why you … Continue reading arkanbloggers


after a meeting today i introduced myself to two co-workers. one of them remembered my solo tenacious d acapella karaoke stint from the holiday party and suddenly the other remembered me too. he told me i was fearless. fearless is not a word that i would ever use to describe myself. i am pretty much … Continue reading fearless