ROLLCALL! awbu love

yes, i shared my two big takeaways, but what i didn’t share was some call outs to these fabulous ladies who i am happy to add to my tribe.

i really treasure all the conversations and interactions i had with these ladies, but here are a few of the highlights.

  • meeting Stephanie Buckley- The Park Wife (who heads up this shin-dig) in person and her being every bit as sweet and real as each one of her communications prior to the event. Stephanie, if you are reading this i am honored!
  • meeting sweet Gina, who came to by blog to give me love before the conference. i appreciated it and never told you how encouraging it was! also, the picnic dinner was so freaking cute. i couldn’t help but stand back and admire your great work!
  • Paige. Paige. Paige. you have been on my list of gals i want to be pals with since i met you at theo’s. you are almost too adorable to not hate, but somehow i have found a way. really though, i think you need to change the name of the blog, because you are joy!  thanks for putting some good vibes out there for me! i want a photo of your piece when you hang it, please! and we may need to go thrifting for mugs…
  • Angie freaking Albright. BRIGHT! of course that is your last name. seriously, i think that you are amazing. i love the way your carry yourself. i love your humor. i love your insight. and  i hope this doesn’t make it weird when we hang out, but you are on my ladies who kick serious ass list
  • Mrs. Ederington and lovely Lisa. without these two that 5k wouldn’t have happened. also, you two are freaking funny and i look forward to stalking you on all forms of social media
  • my sweet Sarah, some day i will write you a love note . until then, please accept my sincerest thanks for being my friend, my cheerleader and my partner in crime

i am missing my sweet roomies and so many others, but alas the word count is telling me to shut up!

9 thoughts on “ROLLCALL! awbu love

  1. Oh goodness. This makes me smile in the biggest way! The feeling is mutual, my friend. You are a wonderful package of funny, smarts, energy, and kindness. I look forward to lots more time together!

  2. Of course I am reading this silly girl. I am honored that you took time away from your life to come to #awbu with an open, welcoming heart to meet some amazing women. I tell people all the time of the fabulousness of this community, glad you came, added your beauty and energy, that is what makes it all work.

  3. Of course I am reading this silly girl. I am honored that YOU took time away from your life, opened your heart, and shared your beauty and energy at #awbu. That is why it all works. I am always here if you need me!

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