30 day challenge- the end of the facebook fast

today is september 1 and my 30 day facebook fast is officially over. it gives me a tinge of anxiety to even think about logging in. i don't miss it. really.i know i have missed things.i know when i open that account i am going to have missed out on events, meetups, happy hours, networking … Continue reading 30 day challenge- the end of the facebook fast


This weekend six of us met for the third Take Care Of Your Own Shit Weekend (#tcoyos). And it was a damn good one. This is the first time we have rented a home and we landed on The Deepwood House, an amazing home on Mount Kessler, outside of Fayetteville, AR. Mid-century mayhem. Last time we … Continue reading TCOYOS vol. III

practice makes perfect

things have been a little off lately and it's giving me lots of anxiety, which is great because, you know- I CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT MOST OF IT tonight at yoga, after contorting my lower half into some kind of yoga splits training and while feeling like my inner thighs might tear off the bone, … Continue reading practice makes perfect

i took care of my own ____!

at the beginning of april i was fortunate to take part of the second annual, now aptly named  Take Care of Your Own Shit retreat or #tcoyos weekend (which i pronounced toy-cos). the weekend and the concept behind it are whole other posts, but the basic idea is a small group of people, in our … Continue reading i took care of my own ____!

{simplify} prepare to sell

in january i cleaned out my closet and told you all about how we were going to get ready to sell the house. since then we have made some pretty major progress on the house, of course with help from our friends. {thank you friends!} the mister set a deadline for the end of the … Continue reading {simplify} prepare to sell

one time…

i opened a prana catalog, got my first taste of Mary Oliver and decided that it was time for something different. and the adventure started. i quit my job, moved to arkansas from kansas city with the man and the mutts and we took it from there. the woman who lives in the woods is … Continue reading one time…

{my word} simplify

one word means so much. sure, I cleaned out my closet, but what does it REALLY mean? i am not completely sure yet, but here is what we have on the stove. the house- we are wrapping up the work that we would like to complete on it. we have some drywall work that needs … Continue reading {my word} simplify

tiny update.

so, a few things you should know about. 1. i am still kicking it 30 day challenge style with Jackie Wolven and a bunch of other wonderful (at this time all) ladies. my current challenge is 30 min of movement a day. on day 5, i am at 100%. this weekend will be the first … Continue reading tiny update.

and just like that, 2014.

january 3, 2013:  in 2013 i will strive to live a balanced life, as i feel this year is going to keep me on my toes. it felt nice to read that. this year has been a good year. but it has certainly kept me on my toes-good, bad or otherwise. i have sat down … Continue reading and just like that, 2014.