the kitchen view

this morning's sunrise was incredible. pink. purple. red. orange. yellow. blue. streaking across the sky and reflecting in the puddles on the deck. the colors have faded by now, leaving one of my favorite scenes in this valley. total cloud cover, save for a sliver across the tree tips where the robin's egg blue sky … Continue reading the kitchen view

forced disconnect

wednesday night i sat my phone in a cup of sangria. today is friday. it feels embarrassing to say how awkward it was initially without it. i have a screen curfew and feel like i am pretty in-touch with my phone and social media habits. i take breaks from both often. yet, that night i … Continue reading forced disconnect

so… what the hell are you doing?

please note: it has been a week since i began this draft and in the spirit of telling people what the hell is going on, i am just going to hit publish once i wrap it up....mmkay? i meant to write this a week ago, but life. lots of life. my last day was thursday, … Continue reading so… what the hell are you doing?

is someone cutting onions again?!

i have been meaning to write for sometime now and i haven't made the time. we have been steadily working on the house; and even more, my in-laws have gone above and beyond to help us prepare to sell this house. i am so thankful for their help! i have also been prepping for the … Continue reading is someone cutting onions again?!

it’s a long one, 2015

i blogged with words three times this year. three. thankfully, i also blogged without words every m-f. and filled up a crapton of notebooks. in september of 2014 i finished my last post of that calendar year with "this season will be one of reflection & growth. shit is about to get real. i am … Continue reading it’s a long one, 2015

everything in it’s right place

tonight i finally bought my tickets to fly to Portland to meet Jill and Kelly for girlpack 2, where we will head into the woods together on a three day backpacking adventure where we will ponder life's great mysteries while we take in the beauty of the Northwest, all while trying not to trip on … Continue reading everything in it’s right place

to my lady loves…

i was just back in kansas city for three nights. a rendezvous with as many of these women as i could fit in three days, culminating in a baby shower for one of the kindest, most caring souls in all the land with her amazing tribe; a lot of these women are my dear friends … Continue reading to my lady loves…

coming up for air

i keep telling myself i am going to write an editorial calendar. i keep having debates in my mind about what to do with this space. i keep opening drafts and closing them. i keep waiting to have time. and it just doesn't happen. and it just won't happen, unless i MAKE it happen. today … Continue reading coming up for air

you know how sometimes, the universe just TELLS you what is up?

that happened for me. looking back, signs had been a'swirlin. the Arkansas Women's Blogger Conference was the first weekend in September. i had a beautiful time meeting new people and hanging out with friends i had met over the last year. i had no idea what i would get out of the conference, as i … Continue reading you know how sometimes, the universe just TELLS you what is up?

listed: we are selling our first home

we listed the house over the weekend. something we have been talking about doing since February. self imposed deadlines came and went as we learned just how much work goes into preparing a home to sell. we also didn't stop life to get it done-there were vacations and house guests and lazy weekends and lake … Continue reading listed: we are selling our first home