taaa-daaaaaaa! a list!


my lady friend Sarah over at Our Daily Craft shouted me out to post a list. and i said i would, so here it is:

in no particular order, the first eleven things i thought of that i am thankful for in this winterymess.

1. family snow day- i mean, this is the shit dreams are made of.

2. eating good food- steak dinner, poached eggs and hashbrowns, french press coffee with reeeeeeal cream, roasted brussels spouts and bacon, open faced philly cheesesteaks, lots of roasted veggies.

3. taking care of business before the storm- i left work a little early because i felt like crap on tuesday, but before i went home we went to the store and stocked up on food and cold meds.

4. craft room- there is always something to do there. and it is always a nice reset for me.

5. husband- there aren’t many people that i could spend EVERY moment of my life with for days on end and not be annoyed with.

6. dogs- because they are cute, sometimes entertaining and always warm.

7. windows- because it is beautiful, but i don’t want to stand outside and freeze to enjoy it.

8. power.

9. internet- has allowed for christmas shopping to still happen and work to still happen. and yeah, we geek out on it a lot. it is also finally fast enough to stream video, so we have options.

10. flexible job that doesn’t make me feel like i need to chance it to get in the office.

11. the subaru- because i know if we reaaaaaaallly had to get out of here, we could.

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