my girl mary

after a day of work. and dinner. and looooots of online shopping.{and some wine.}i found myself aimlessly wandering around the interwebs.straight into this:“Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”- Mary Olivertell about it. what am i waiting for? 

what goes around comes around.

i get the pleasure of spending this weekend with a wonderful group of women, in a beautiful place, getting work done. what work? great question! if i had a weekend to get something done. get something started. what would i do? what would it be? for me, it has felt like it needed to be … Continue reading what goes around comes around.

times, they are a changing

i have a wonderful friend in Arkansas that takes such thoughtful care of me. and part of this care has been inviting me to all kinds of networking events and meet ups and feeding that part of me that needs to be around large groups of amazing women. and while I always enjoy meeting new … Continue reading times, they are a changing