to my lady loves…

i was just back in kansas city for three nights. a rendezvous with as many of these women as i could fit in three days, culminating in a baby shower for one of the kindest, most caring souls in all the land with her amazing tribe; a lot of these women are my dear friends … Continue reading to my lady loves…


i almost forgot about vacation

{thoughts from june 2013...that i never hit publish on} i mean, i knew it was coming up. i knew i was looking forward to it. i knew there was still planning to be done. but it all happened so fast. last monday i looked at my work calendar for next week and realized-holy crap-i am … Continue reading i almost forgot about vacation

what goes around comes around.

i get the pleasure of spending this weekend with a wonderful group of women, in a beautiful place, getting work done. what work? great question! if i had a weekend to get something done. get something started. what would i do? what would it be? for me, it has felt like it needed to be … Continue reading what goes around comes around.