enjoythesnow day

my backyard arkansas

today i had my first first snow ball fight in years.
apparently i can only hit people in the face.
sometimes those people are my almost five and seven year old nephews.
sorry boys.

in my defense i was aiming for their parents.

today was the first time i have left my house in days.
i stayed home sick wednesday.
thursday the weather set in early and so i worked from home under the influence of my new savior, alka seltzer cold.
it started with dense, dark clouds setting in wednesday eve.
then rain. tiny hale. sleet. freezing rain. wintery mix.
{what is the difference?}
and then snow. snow, snow, snow.
we pretty much just hunkered down.
last night we made a steak dinner and opened and nice bottle of wine.
we made a fire. i shopped online while b and the mutts snoozed.

when we got invited for breakfast at b’s brother’s (about 10 miles from us), we said yes and were reminded to bring snow gear. we haven’t had a snow good enough to play in since our last winter in kansas city. and who better to play in it with than sassy baby girls, fearless funny boys and some of our favorite people, their parents.
it took us two tries to get up our hill and onto the paved road. each time backing down, past our drive, to the start of the big hill and then more or less gunning it.
b was of course driving, as i have no business driving in crap conditions.
the roads were worse than i thought they would be, but in the end the subaru delivered us safely.

kids in snow clothes are ridiculously adorable.
i can remember as a kid how long it took to get all that stuff on.
how hot you would get waiting for all the layers to finally be on.
the anticipation of it all and the disappointment when you would have forgotten to go to the bathroom before putting it all on.
the first time the snow seeps in over a sock. down a back. in the face.
and the way your feet would burn when someone finally made you go in and warm up.

we built snow forts. had a snowball fight. did doughnuts in the RZR in the yard. and aided in the kids sledding down a snow covered dirt pile.
i slid down a few times sans sled.
we went inside. warmed up. and spent the rest of the day hanging out in our long underwear.
with our ski socks pulled up over them
and it was awesome.

6 thoughts on “enjoythesnow day

      1. Grown up–yes! I lived around there until I was 13 or so. Miss it still! When we stopped last year, to see the Ruskin Tornado Memorial and try to find the old house I lived in as a child, my old 1st grade school had been turned into storage and what was fancy new suburbs, then, had become less…and you won’t believe how much that old house of ours SHRANK! I see, now, why my folks moved us five kids to a larger place! 😉

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