ahoy monday!

i remembered to take my breakfast and lunch with me to work (this is half the battle). i had plain greek yogurt with honey and a half cup of blueberries. i have found that to get my seven servings of vegetables in, i have to eat a huge salad for lunch. and at this point I LOVE them. typcially a mix of some kind of protein (whatever is left over….quinoa, beans, meat, BACON), and then whatever veg I have..and A LOT of it. today was bacon, feta, a cup + of bell peppers, a cup of mushrooms, a cup + of cherry tomatoes, a cup + of spinach and two tablespoons of dressing. mmmm. i have continued to put them in the mason jar. it ends up being the perfect size (read: HUGE) AND i get all 7 servings of veggies in-in one meal and typically all raw.

{ if you have seen these on pinterest they put the dressing in the bottom. i did it once, it was fine, but there is no shaking this salad up and eating it out of the jar. it must be dumped into a bowl. i haven’t tried the jar with oil & vinegar yet…}

when i got home from work i cleaned the kitchen while bryce made dinner- sweet potato and quinoa with chimmicurri from our vegetarian times magazine.
and then we went on a 20 minute walk.
when we got back i cleaned up from dinner and made tomorrow’s salad, with a special feature of roasted sweet potato.

i have had the time alone to myself to write, which also makes me happy. and now i am off to call the talented dusty harves….we have some wedding invites to scheme on.

that is right….i get to (help) plan another wedding! congratulations to my sweet cousin torre who i love to death and who also happened to be the lifesaver of helping me pull our wedding off.




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