you know how sometimes, the universe just TELLS you what is up?

that happened for me.
looking back, signs had been a’swirlin.
the Arkansas Women’s Blogger Conference was the first weekend in September. i had a beautiful time meeting new people and hanging out with friends i had met over the last year. i had no idea what i would get out of the conference, as i did pretty much zero prep going in.

{i still feel a little out of place when it comes to the blogging part of AWBU, what with my “mostly photo diary with liz and random fits of writing from me” style blog. i have no strategy to tagging. i don’t care to change my search rank. i have never had an official editorial calendar. there are ads on the blog because i don’t care enough to see how to not have to have them. there is not a clear focus. and most of the time i could honestly care less.}

i landed in part II of Jackie’s branding session and while i learned and laughed, my biggest take away was that i need to get back to long term goal setting. she asked a packed room of bloggers who had 5 year goals?
one hand
3 year?*none*
6 months?*none*
i believe she exclaimed “do you even have a plan for what you are going to do tomorrow?”

i felt so duuuuhhhhhh.

i came home and made a schedule to prepare for The Little Craft Show.
i got back to the #30daychallenge.
i signed up for a new course with Jackie on goal setting.
in honor of the fabulous Jackie’s birthday, she has invited folks to join her in 10Q, a reflection program.
you should join us too!

this season will be one of reflection and growth.
shit is about to get real.
i am ready.

are you in?


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