coming up for air

i keep telling myself i am going to write an editorial calendar. i keep having debates in my mind about what to do with this space. i keep opening drafts and closing them. i keep waiting to have time. and it just doesn't happen. and it just won't happen, unless i MAKE it happen. today … Continue reading coming up for air

bippity boppity blah

i am feeling a little lost in my workshop. at my fingertips i have all the ingredients to create many beautiful things. but nothing is coming to mind. i think i am still recovering from the craft show. lots of people have inquired about it and thank you for caring! it is likely that if … Continue reading bippity boppity blah

why the baskets?

i had four monster sized trash bags full of strips of 2-3" wide hand torn vintage sheets and fabric. why you ask? you see, i fell in love with a pinterest pin when planning my wedding and set out to make it happen. the end result-thanks to some seriously awesome people that i get to … Continue reading why the baskets?