tiny update.

so, a few things you should know about.

1. i am still kicking it 30 day challenge style with Jackie Wolven and a bunch of other wonderful (at this time all) ladies. my current challenge is 30 min of movement a day. on day 5, i am at 100%. this weekend will be the first test, as we will be traveling and i won’t have my shiny new treadmill at my disposal. if you have something you want to work on and want to be both motivated and held accountable at the same time, join us!
NOTE: after many rounds of this we have found the smaller goals work better. making a small change makes A BIG difference.

2. b and i are celebrating yet another “no dining out” January (except when we are traveling). this has been happening for many years now and i love it. it is a dual purpose reset for both our bodies and our pocketbook. so far, all good.

3.  i am back to food/exercise tracking. this is the only way i know how to get myself back on track and shimmy out of those holiday pounds (they were worth it). tracking food helps me remember the worth of each item i shove in my face. makes me more aware of what i am or am not getting enough of in my days. i am using myfitnesspal @ahoyfriend if that is your thing

4. as i read through many facebook and blog posts on the new year, i saw several of my bloggygals posting about their one word for 2014. there are several different movements, but they all center around the idea that instead of making resolutions, you should assign a word for the year. something you want more of in your life, something you are aspiring to be, a theme for the year. i really liked this idea. one word is easy to remember, but can be so powerful. so i sat with it for a few days and then it became clear.

my word for 2014 is simplify.

do you have a word?

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