over re-committed

i signed up last wednesday for a 30 day challengne, sponsored by the talented Jacqueline Wolven. i committed to 20 minutes of movement and 20 minutes of meditation daily. i may have over committed a bit, since i have all ready been working on not eating grains, making sure i get all seven servings of … Continue reading over re-committed

eat good food

no grains again this week. tonight I got home a bit late and was starrrrving. my recipe was up, so that meant cooking duties for this girl. and my pick of chickpea schwarma. I thought this was going to be an ordeal, but it was pretty smooth sailing. I was guided by this post on … Continue reading eat good food

salad jar

i said i wasn't setting any goals until next month, but since we have been talking about it at home, b and i have started setting weekly goals. this week is no grains, no alcohol and at least 3 days of activity. so far, so good. we spent sunday meal planning and going to three … Continue reading salad jar