the kitchen view

this morning's sunrise was incredible. pink. purple. red. orange. yellow. blue. streaking across the sky and reflecting in the puddles on the deck. the colors have faded by now, leaving one of my favorite scenes in this valley. total cloud cover, save for a sliver across the tree tips where the robin's egg blue sky … Continue reading the kitchen view

It’s time to fail.

sometimes it is so hard to press publish.  there is something i should have posted months ago. {last edited feburary 17, 2015:} It's time to fail. Or at least be open to it. i was invited to be a park of a charity silent auction in Ft. Smith, Arkansans at the end of August. When … Continue reading It’s time to fail.

you know how sometimes, the universe just TELLS you what is up?

that happened for me. looking back, signs had been a'swirlin. the Arkansas Women's Blogger Conference was the first weekend in September. i had a beautiful time meeting new people and hanging out with friends i had met over the last year. i had no idea what i would get out of the conference, as i … Continue reading you know how sometimes, the universe just TELLS you what is up?

over re-committed

i signed up last wednesday for a 30 day challengne, sponsored by the talented Jacqueline Wolven. i committed to 20 minutes of movement and 20 minutes of meditation daily. i may have over committed a bit, since i have all ready been working on not eating grains, making sure i get all seven servings of … Continue reading over re-committed