bippity boppity blah

i am feeling a little lost in my workshop.
at my fingertips i have all the ingredients to create many beautiful things.
but nothing is coming to mind.

i think i am still recovering from the craft show.

lots of people have inquired about it and thank you for caring!
it is likely that if you asked i responded in some awkward way.
i just wasn’t sure how i felt about it and i know that is because i didn’t set any goals going in.
again, by not defining success from the start, i am unable to experience the same level of learning and, in this case, accomplishment.

deep down i wanted to sell every last piece.

and that isn’t realistic. so in the absence of goals i held myself to some ridiculous standard made up by my overachiever side. nice work, self.

are there things i would do differently? yes!
have i documented them? yes!
and all the things that went well, those too? yes!
so, how was it really?

i saw so many familiar faces and, as they say down this way, hugged so many necks. my tribe really showed up for me and that always feels amazing. i met lots of new people. i heard stories of grandmother’s that made rag rugs and coiled baskets and so many other beautiful memories that my work evoked. and i got to share my own. people were so kind about my work. so inquisitive about my process. i loved the little ones pausing in the aisle to watch me work.

over half of my lovelies went home that day with someone else.
i would love to know what they are doing out there in this big world.


ahoy friend at the little craft show 2014

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