coming up for air

i keep telling myself i am going to write an editorial calendar. i keep having debates in my mind about what to do with this space. i keep opening drafts and closing them. i keep waiting to have time.

and it just doesn’t happen.
and it just won’t happen, unless i MAKE it happen.

today i find myself wanting to tackle about seven different projects and at the same time i have an equal desire to relax.
i came up for air for the first time since i think august of last year, when i applied for my first Little Craft Show which happened in december and affirmed the biggest discovery of my thirties; i am an introvert. between the show and the holidays, it took me a bit to recover. i decided once and for all that my new year does not start in january and thus, there was no 2014 recap email for the first time in over 7+ year. when do i mark the changing of the year? maybe february, or maybe my birthday in may? hell, i may just kick years to the side altogether and stick with seasons. it seems more fitting anymore.

january was all about the reset, the reflection and the relaxation. the mister and i did the whole 30 with a group of friends and i really had my eyes opened to many flaws in the way i was thinking about food. i still have a long way to go, but this was a very healthy start. i went into february wanting to explore and define a morning routine, which i did, just in time for a month’s worth of travel for work, during which i didn’t stick to any kind of plan. also during this time i was asked to participate as an artist in the silent auction for a fundraiser and  The Little Craft Show announced a spring show. i wasn’t going to apply to the craft show, and then decided to go for it.  i found out i got into the show at the end of march and went into full swing maker mode. the show was may 30 and here i am finally coming up for air. it the midst of that i also turned 33, our house has been on the market, we have been camping and at the lake, and i have been making lists like i have people who work for me, but i don’t.


i just came up for air and wanted to say hello. and let you know that some things will be changing around here. all for the better. i hope to see you soon.

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