{simplify} prepare to sell

yurt living in the round in january i cleaned out my closet and told you all about how we were going to get ready to sell the house.
since then we have made some pretty major progress on the house, of course with help from our friends.
{thank you friends!}

the mister set a deadline for the end of the month to get done what we needed to get done on the house. at this point this is what remains:
prime and paint basement ceiling
finishing cutting in and rolling the room formerly known as the rock climbing room
remove all the stuff from the huge storage shelves in my workshop
break down huge shelves
buy metal shelves
remove contents of workshop/craftroom to prepare for carpet
paint workshop/craftroom
touch up paint
then new carpet will be installed, a little love on the outside and we are ready to get this baby on the market.

while skiing in utah, b and i had many conversations about what the next thing looks like for us and got to talking quite a bit about living in a yurt. and have continued to have conversations about it. once the house is wrangled, we will turn our efforts towards starting the research around local code and how to handle getting proper permits, etc.. in addition there are decisions to be made around what size or yurt,what kind of deck, where to put it, what do we see ourselves needing in that space….

tonight i had the first pangs of anxiety around letting go of material possessions.
it isn’t time to start cleaning it out just yet, but it is right around the corner. tonight i took a few deep breaths and vowed to arm myself with rational information before i open those boxes again.
i know some of you have been through this process or are currently going through it.
what are you chanting to get through it? and what are you doing with all the stuff?!

4 thoughts on “{simplify} prepare to sell

  1. 1. If I haven’t used it in one year, I don’t really need it. (Except for heirlooms and high-dollar resale items.)
    2. What doesn’t kill me will make me stronger.
    3. Hoarding is a vice.

    Thanks for the wake-up call, here. πŸ™‚

  2. We are about to become empty nesters. We downsized to a smaller house 7 years ago when they first started leaving the nest. I kind of wish we could do it again, live in a container house or a one room cabin in the woods. But I live with an amateur hoarder. It will never happen.

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