listed: we are selling our first home

we listed the house over the weekend.
something we have been talking about doing since February.
self imposed deadlines came and went as we learned just how much work goes into preparing a home to sell.
we also didn’t stop life to get it done-there were vacations and house guests and lazy weekends and lake days.
but it is done now.

and now we wait.

this has to be the weirdest part.
knowing that at some point i won’t wake up to this amazing view- i just don’t know when.
talk about a life lesson of living in the moment!




and so for now, that is what we do.
we start pairing down and soak up every sunrise and every sunset and every meal cooked in our kitchen and every night on the deck with friends.

sounds like a life i can get used to.

2 thoughts on “listed: we are selling our first home

    1. Well…we don’t know! High probability of staying in NW Arkansas and likely still out at the lake. Our home is beautiful, but for me, the man and the mutts, we just have WAY too much space. How’s the selling going for you? You are moving back to AR from TX, right?

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