is someone cutting onions again?!

i have been meaning to write for sometime now and i haven’t made the time.
we have been steadily working on the house; and even more, my in-laws have gone above and beyond to help us prepare to sell this house. i am so thankful for their help!
i have also been prepping for the Spring Little Craft Show on May 7 in Springdale, AR.
oh and i have seven days left at my job.


yup. i rarely ever talk about my professional life here, but i feel like leaving the corporate world after ten years is worth mentioning. i spent the first five years of my career working in b2b publishing, first in print and then built out the online ad ops team. i then jumped over to work in account management for marketing agencies. i have been with my current company for about four and half years, and about two and half years ago i shifted my career into human resources. and i have never once regretted it.

that shift was initiated thanks to an investment the company made in me through professional coaching. as a long time goal setter, and not-yet-reformed perfectionist, working with a coach was a dream. i set out to set the standard in workplace communication, manage the chaos and define my path. the first two were soley on me, but the third would involve the buy-in and support of others.i quickly knew that human resources was the path for me. and between the company, my new leader and my coach, switching careers was a totally navigable path.and i feel comfortable in saying i have met all three goals.

i cannot  find words to express my gratitude for this opportunity. thank you.

from there my gratitude only grows. i am truly leaving the best job i have ever had. and i am leaving it with extreme pride for the work that i have accomplished in my time there. through this role i was able to really connect to my passion for helping other people. and it is that passion that takes me on my next adventure.

i want to thank you to my peers and coworkers for accepting me in this role from the beginning. it is your trust in me that has made this role so amazing. if you all wouldn’t have respect and accepted me, i never would have gotten to do some of my favorite parts of this role; the parts that helped me figure out just what it is that makes me tick.

to my people- i know that a business is not a family, but a team is a team and i am so fucking grateful to have been on yours. i have met some amazing people in my time there.
i can’t wait to keep watching you all shine.

and to my fearless leader- thank you for taking a chance on me. first, when i was a barely qualified applicant with two weeks past due roots. and again, by keeping me on this side of sanity, and inviting me onto your team. you are a passionate and caring leader, a sharp business woman, and an amazing mentor. thank you for practicing what you preach. for being predictable. and for letting me soar. i have never had a cheerleader quite like you. your support during this transition has been a gift. thank you so, so, so much for being you and for letting me be me.

so, what’s next? great question…





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