so… what the hell are you doing?

please note: it has been a week since i began this draft and in the spirit of telling people what the hell is going on, i am just going to hit publish once i wrap it up….mmkay?

i meant to write this a week ago, but life.
lots of life.
my last day was thursday, may 12.
i went to kansas city for the weekend and came back with some kind of sinus crap that, thankfully, the neti-pot took care of that once i got home.
{if you have never tried a neti-pot, do it. it’s like washing the inside of your face}

from there it is all a blur of paint and throw pillows and incredibly genourous family members (thank you!!). toss in my first two make-a-ring workshops assisting kelly, and by friday, may 19 photos had been taken, the house listing was on it’s way and we were exhausted.
we spent the weekend on the lake and sleeping.
today and tomorrow i get to spend back at the ol’ gig, getting the new guy ready to rock and facilitating one of my favorite meetings.
wednesday i am speaking at the Women in the Workforce Conference on Stress in the Workplace, which doesn’t have me as stressed out as i feel like i should be. (update: success!)
thursday, swift trip to KC for a reunion dinner at rm.39 and then we will bring some friendies back to the lake with us. spend the weekend camping and enjoying the boat (because ALL that rain is coming out of the forecast, damnit!) and welcoming in my 34th year. (update: GREAT SUCCESS and the weather held out!)
once that dust settles, i will have a week to spend time with my family. tie up all kinds of loose ends. and then i am off to yoga teacher training.

i will be attending the circle yoga shala in jasper, ar for the month of june for a their 200 hour teacher training.
this means i will be away from home and life as i know it until the beginning of july!
there are lots of feelings here and in the spirit of ever posting this, lets just say i am feeling them all and then some.

i am giving myself permission to disconnect while i am gone and so, with that comes the end of a very special and long time project. Anyday, the project’s little known name, was dreampt up on the buddymoon and the first post was made on october 10, 2011. since that day the parameters have stayed exactly the same; my sisterfriend Liz and I each post one photo inside of the same blog post, one time per day, monday through friday. and we have. we were going to take it through until the fifth anniversary, but my leaving seemed to create a natural ending. so, this friday, june 3 will be the last one.
that feels super weird and final.

Anyday will get it’s well deserved own post and (hopefully) a chance to hear from Liz as well, but I figured i should say something in case i don’t post again before i leave.
we never set out to be “content creators”.
but for the past 4+ years we have documented our days diligently.
and i think it is so fucking cool that we have a record of 1,197 days of our lives.
thanks for signing on for my project, Lizard. i love you!
and thank you for looking at them and talking with me about them.

so, goodbye for now, friends. if i don’t catch you before i leave, enjoy the spring and i will catch up with you in the summer.

with love,







4 thoughts on “so… what the hell are you doing?

  1. I would say good luck on your new adventure/journey but that doesn’t seem appropriate. Luck isn’t what you need. Spiritual enlightenment? Clear mind? Stretchy pants? I wish you all of that and more. It’s been fun following Anyday and maybe we’ll see more from the two of you…Someday.

    1. thank you for this. i remember seeing it and thinking i would get to it and clearly, i did not. i am proud. it was a beautiful and meaningful project. love!!

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