to my lady loves…

i was just back in kansas city for three nights. a rendezvous with as many of these women as i could fit in three days, culminating in a baby shower for one of the kindest, most caring souls in all the land with her amazing tribe; a lot of these women are my dear friends and many of them are old acquaintances with whom i have fond was a flood of women. and it was amazing.

i want to say thank you to my lady loves. going home this time was extra hard.
what a pleasure it is to grow up with you, along side of you and share our lives, even when we aren’t all in the same place (literally and/or figuratively).
i love my life in arkansas. it is where i am supposed to be.
but if you ever think for one minute that i don’t miss you. that i don’t miss  running errands with you, or going to the gym, or happy hour, or a three bevy brunch, or to have an impomtu photoshoot, or go antique shopping, or talk about astrology, or have a random dance party, or an epic craft night, or talk until we have no idea what time it is, or cry my face off, you are wrong.

women need women. don’t be afraid to find them and to let them find you. if you have solid women around you, don’t forget to nurture the relationship. it takes effort to have lasting, meaningful friendships. but i can’t find the words to explain just how worth it it is.

i wish i had one with errrrrrbody, but here is a handful of my loves. i have been staring at this photo for two days now and i still alternate between beaming and weeping. you ladies do it for me.


we are the lucky ones.

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