tiny update-big goals

how's your january going? things are going pretty good over here. 1. 30 day challenge- 30 min of movement a day- last time we talked i was 100% at day 5 and getting ready to go out of town. i was concerned about traveling and, indeed, i did not get my movement in that friday, … Continue reading tiny update-big goals

i love trees

it's true. if you have spent anytime with my photos on this blog you see that i love trees. if you have seen my artshit you know that i love trees. if you know of my love for this ozark country home of mine you know that i love trees. today, i love trees more … Continue reading i love trees

i almost forgot about vacation

{thoughts from june 2013...that i never hit publish on} i mean, i knew it was coming up. i knew i was looking forward to it. i knew there was still planning to be done. but it all happened so fast. last monday i looked at my work calendar for next week and realized-holy crap-i am … Continue reading i almost forgot about vacation

before I can leave, I must pack

I leave for New York tomorrow for some workytype stuff and some Liz time! currently I am packing and unpacking between two suitcases, one too big, one too small. less shoes? more clothes? thankful these are my main concerns sending love to those who have a bit more on their plates

ahoy monday!

i remembered to take my breakfast and lunch with me to work (this is half the battle). i had plain greek yogurt with honey and a half cup of blueberries. i have found that to get my seven servings of vegetables in, i have to eat a huge salad for lunch. and at this point … Continue reading ahoy monday!