i love trees

it's true. if you have spent anytime with my photos on this blog you see that i love trees. if you have seen my artshit you know that i love trees. if you know of my love for this ozark country home of mine you know that i love trees. today, i love trees more … Continue reading i love trees

shiny things

we are trying to work out the details to order our new car. that's right NEW car. like NEW NEW, not just new to us. this is fancy and something i really didn't see us doing. but subaru had to go and release a new impreza with great gas mileage. and we had to go … Continue reading shiny things


this morning we were a little surprised to see a nice dusting of snow. got up and started getting ready, like usual. let the pups out- luna loves the snow, winnie is not such a fan. i put on my snow boots and robe (i know, what a hot mental image) to take some photos... … Continue reading arkansnow