i almost forgot about vacation

{thoughts from june 2013…that i never hit publish on}

i mean, i knew it was coming up. i knew i was looking forward to it. i knew there was still planning to be done. but it all happened so fast. last monday i looked at my work calendar for next week and realized-holy crap-i am going to be on vacation NEXT WEDNESDAY.

wednesday day we meet kelly and brad in kc and fly to boston. were we will stay one night. from there it is onto new hampshire for the white mountains and an 11 mile loop with ridges and water falls. backpacking in the northeast on the 4th of july will be a completely different 4th of july than i have ever experienced before.

from there it will be onto vermont to meet liz, adam and a fun group on their friends from new york for camping at a state park in the green mountains for three days.

i can’t wait! this is something that has been talked about for some time and i am really looking forward to it for so many different reasons.

new adventures-unplugging-really going off the grid for a bit-old friends-new friends-the great outdoors-activity and some much needed relaxation with my favorite guy. oh and the view. dang.

let’s hope i have some photos to share when we return. until we meet again, i hope you are well.


to check out my photos, where ever i may be, follow me on instagram.

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