i love trees

it’s true. if you have spent anytime with my photos on this blog you see that i love trees.
if you have seen my artshit you know that i love trees.
if you know of my love for this ozark country home of mine you know that i love trees.
today, i love trees more than i ever have.
you see, i was driving home from work tonight. it had been freezing rain for a few hours. it started spewing huge snowflakes on my drive home.
the roads were slick under my bald tires.
(replacements had already been ordered and should come in tomorrow)
i was taking it slow.
i came up around a tight S curve.

“hidden driveways” for those familiar with the trek.

and while i turned the wheel, the tires had something else in mind.
and i slowly slid. off the road. and smoothly into a small tree, with a much, much, larger tree behind it.


if i didn’t slowly slide into that perfectly place tree, i would have slid down the side of a pretty steep hill.
(if the barbed wire didn’t stop me. can barbed wire stop a car?)
but i didn’t.
and my heart burst with gratitude for these beautiful gifts from nature.
i have always said naked trees are my favorite, and tonight they more than returned the love.

in addition to my gratitude for the trees, my cup runneth over for the following:
my husband for doing any and everything that he could for being three states away.
my brother in law for coming to get me and hanging out while i got my shit together and chilled out a bit.
my friends for texting with me while i waited to be rescued. your care and humor were much appreciated.
my parents for sharing in the gratitude for the trees that have saved our family several times.
my girl liz for the always perfectly timed chat.

and everything and everyone else.love and gratitude to you all.
stay safe. stay warm.


4 thoughts on “i love trees

  1. I now have a deeper love for trees. Love your view on what was otherwise a bad event. SO grateful you’re alive and OK!

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