i almost forgot about vacation

{thoughts from june 2013...that i never hit publish on} i mean, i knew it was coming up. i knew i was looking forward to it. i knew there was still planning to be done. but it all happened so fast. last monday i looked at my work calendar for next week and realized-holy crap-i am … Continue reading i almost forgot about vacation

floating the current

jill had a waterproof disposable camera on her this weekend. we took all 24 photos on the first day. i know at least six of them are of each of us, with a moss mustache. moss fu man chu, to be exact. i can't tell you the last time i had film developed. the last … Continue reading floating the current

camping recap

on friday we headed to bennett springs state park, outside of lebanon, mo. we were the first to arrive at the park, and it was busy. we hadn't made reservations, because it has been b's experience that when you don't make reservations you usually get a better site...so we didn't. the sweet, but slow-moving, older … Continue reading camping recap