tiny update-big goals

how’s your january going?

things are going pretty good over here.

1. 30 day challenge- 30 min of movement a day- last time we talked i was 100% at day 5 and getting ready to go out of town. i was concerned about traveling and, indeed, i did not get my movement in that friday, saturday or sunday. beyond that, i think the only other time i missed was the night i slid into the tree, which seems like another sign that i should work out in the morning. so all in all, things are going well. i have been using the treadmill a lot and getting back into some running. but to be honest, my feet seem pretty angry. so i think i will back off the running for now, and walk no more than every other day, likely on a flat incline. get things under control and go from there. i am on day 21 now, so 9 to go!

2. no dining out in january- we did have the caveat for when we would be out of town. we have not dined out together in arkansas since the beginning of the month. i am able to go to the salad bar at the grocery store within our rules, so that gives me an option even if i don’t bring my lunch.  i also went out with coworkers to celebrate an anniversary. i feel like this is how is should be all the time, but it so quickly gets out of hand. oh well, 10 days left there.

3. tracking food and movement on myfitnesspal- you did see that i said movement, right? you do know that you can input your cleaning time in there, right? this has been going very well for me. i think that spending the first week just tracking and paying no attention to calorie goals really helped me get back into it. i am tracking everything. even the indulge day. just because being aware of what you are agreeing to when you eat is so important.

4. my word for 2014- simplify- i cleaned out my closet. i still need to take in the donations and resale stuff in. in addition, i have decided to list some things on ebay. i have never done this before. i have 10 days to get everything out of my house that i took out of my closet. February will have some new simplify goal. the other day i finally allowed myself to explore the magnitude of what this word really means. it is going to be a big year. i am both excited and scared.
but more excited.


how are things going for you?


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