who needs cotton?

b got me a record player for our second anniversary.
{our anniversary is on the tenth, but the man can’t wait to give a gift. i am impatient, so it works out.}
it is portable, so it all closes up into a carrying case, that when i first took out of the box made me want to dance around like a little girl.
in addition he had gotten me the derek and the dominoes album with the track anyday on it- the namesake of the photo portion of this here blog where my girl liz and i each post a photo monday through friday. and have been for over a year!
{i should note that our connection to the song has nothing to do with the lyrics-it has everything to do with the memories that go along with it. and it is a kick ass song. however, i do like this line in the context of our friendship “When this whole world has got you down/I’ll be right here so woman, call me/And I’ll never ever let you down”. #ab, woman}

he also gave me a subscription to the vault from third man records. WHAT? huh? first off, third man is jack white’s label. b had to inform me of this, possibly a first for us. and every quarter they send out a special album from the label that only comes out to vault members. you get a 12″, a 7″ and other fun paraphernalia. there are other online perks as well. i am pretty pumped about this.
he gave it to me before i left to go see family on friday, so i was able to borrow my parents vinyl collection! i brought home 3 large cases full and when i got back today there were 3 more albums the b had ordered! i am spoiled and thankful. i can’t wait to listen to everything! i vaguely remember a record player as a child, but i have never owned one as an adult. they have always been around and i have always loved listening to records, but for some reason i never bought one. i love music. oh and i hate tv. and so this gives us something different to do in order to fill the space.
there is a nice ritual with the record player that you don’t get digitally. and you can’t sit on your ass for too long, you have to flip that record.
i can’t wait to dig in. make sure you are following me on instagram @ahoyfriend to see the highlights.
in the mean time, i will be helping the mister infuse alcohol and prepare bitters for his 30th bday campout.
{i need to get that man a blog. seriously. impressive stuff going on over here.}
i hope you are having a weekend full of whatever you needed. i know i am.


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