It’s time to fail.

sometimes it is so hard to press publish.  there is something i should have posted months ago.

{last edited feburary 17, 2015:}

It’s time to fail.
Or at least be open to it.

i was invited to be a park of a charity silent auction in Ft. Smith, Arkansans at the end of August.
When I got the invite I wasn’t sure what to think.
I mentioned it to a few people and quickly tried to dismiss it as something that “wasn’t a fit for me”.
What that really means is that it scared the shit out of me to put my work up against next to “real artists”.
Like my back hurt because my stomach knotted up so tight at the thought of it.
And I decided that if it scared me that much I needed to do it.

So I accepted the invitation.

My list is due to the organizers on April 17, so I will be hard at work for the next few months.
I am not familiar with Fort Smith, besides passing through it to go to Dallas and knowing that it has been experiencing a revival in the last few years, since we have been in Northwest Arkansas. I am flattered and challenged by the invitation.

Oh. And still scared to death.

Wine & Roses is a fundraiser to support the Donald W. Reynolds Cancer Support House in Fort Smith that will be held on April 27, 2015.

{end original post}

that’s tomorrow! i am over the scared and onto the excited! all that’s left to do is put on a pretty (borrowed) dress and my only pair of heels and get my once per year lipstick on!

{do you like how in feburary, i thought i would write this using propper capitalization? cute, right?}

since writing (and not publishing) this post three months ago, i  found out about, applied for and got into The Little Craft Show’s first spring show.
in preparation for the application, i had a binge crafting weekend in march and worked 30+ hours dying, ripping and wrapping fabric.
i started ice dyeing and have been able to produce some beautiful fabrics.
i tried 1 1/2″ cotton piping and was able to make giant, hand coiled baskets.
i took and retook photos for etsy listings.
and after many rewrites (thank you friends!) i wrote this:

I believe each item in your home should have a story, a use or be damn beautiful.
I make the “damn beautiful” part.
I hand tear, hand dye and hand coil vintage fabrics at my Ozark mountain home.
I read self help books, listen to records and preach that busy hands cultivate calm minds.
My name is Terra. I create hand-made home goods for the curated life.

while last year’s show was all baskets, i knew i wanted to expand my offering a bit.
i have been experimenting for a bit and have to lock in my inventory plan in a few days.
i am excited to see where i end up.
right now i am just trying to push through the fear of a short deadline, a new sewing machine and creating a cohesive product line. 


make sure you follow along the journey on instagram @ahoyfriend.

the Little Craft Show will be held may 30, 2015 in Springdale, AR.
i hope to see you there!





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