times, they are a changing

i have a wonderful friend in Arkansas that takes such thoughtful care of me. and part of this care has been inviting me to all kinds of networking events and meet ups and feeding that part of me that needs to be around large groups of amazing women. and while I always enjoy meeting new people, I am no business queen. i am not in tech. i don’t handle logistics. but i have met all these incredible women. so going to a northwest Arkansas blogger meet up, was awesome! it was something i care about:-blogging-with all the inspiring women I met before AND a bunch of new, awesome inspiring women!

so the treat of finally registering for the Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged conference felt awesome. for a long time i have been trying to return to my passions and take them to the next level. i am very excited to be taking a step in the right direction.

in addition, one night there is a Handmade Marketplace and I have signed up to bring my little artsh*ts with me, allowing me to finally get my second show of sorts under my belt. and signing my self on for some serious arting.

i need this.

and to all the lovely ladies I have met and am yet to meet, thank you for making this girl feel right at home. and providing a thoughtful and nourishing environment in which to spread one’s wings.

here is a sampling of what I make, not sure who all will be coming along for the show just yet.. any favorites?









4 thoughts on “times, they are a changing

  1. Congratulations on taking your passions one step further! I completely relate to that. Starting my second blog has been like a rebirth for me. It has given me a true focus and something. I hope that this can do the same for you. As for the art, my dear, I’ve always loved the polka dot window frame. xoxo

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