over re-committed

i signed up last wednesday for a 30 day challengne, sponsored by the talented Jacqueline Wolven. i committed to 20 minutes of movement and 20 minutes of meditation daily. i may have over committed a bit, since i have all ready been working on not eating grains, making sure i get all seven servings of vegetables a day (both of these take a lot of prep work), trying to keep the house picked up (we are some messy humans and dogs over here) and needing to finish out a LOT of artsh*ts before the beginning of september. oh and a commitment to get out and enjoy the natural state as much as possible as we moved here to live a more active, outdoor lifestyle.
i think what i am trying to tell you is that my life got all out of whack there for a bit and so for the past 3 weeks i have just been trying to get the foundation back. to get a grip.

anyway, here is how it has gone so far:

day one: completed the challenge.
day two: did not complete the challenge.
day three: completed one part of the challenge.

today, day three, i did not meditate. i had breakfast and coffee with bryce. we dropped my bike off for a long overdue tune up and went by a few antique malls as we search for a media console. from there we headed to lake lincoln, where we did some adventuring trying to find the right spot.


and then i did my first outdoor climb!

have i told you i am afraid of heights? with some love from my love, delivered in a calm and reassuring voice, i managed to get all the way up without a total freak out. just a partial one.


i need to remember how this all works. i have done this before.
set goals-attainable ones and not too many
be kind to your self-mind, body and soul
push yourself out of your comfort zone from time to time
do things that make you happy-do them as often as possible
love and be loved

for the rest of the 30 day challenge i will report on:

  • weekly meal planning and follow through
  • seven servings of veggies a day
  • pick up the house daily

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