{my word} simplify

one word means so much.
sure, I cleaned out my closet, but what does it REALLY mean?
i am not completely sure yet, but here is what we have on the stove.

the house- we are wrapping up the work that we would like to complete on it.
we have some drywall work that needs to be done.
four rooms need paint.
one ceiling fan needs installed.
the vanity in the downstairs bath has been replaced.
we have the granite picked out for the master bath.
the rockclimbing wall is half taken down.
we have decided on carpet.
we are painting woodwork and getting close.

we have no idea how long it will take to sell and we don’t have a solid idea of what we are going to do after it sells.
we may buy if something we like is available.
we may rent while we wait to see if something we like comes available.
we may build.
we may buy an airstream and decide to say eff it all and set up shop in RV parks with wifi across the country.

just kidding.

but we have seriously discussed the idea of living in an airstream while we figure it out.
and that idea is still in the running.

no matter which road or road(s) we go down, we do know one thing:
we will do it in less space, with less stuff.


7 thoughts on “{my word} simplify

  1. I can almost hear the exhale that must have accompanied this post. I’m hoping for my own satisfying exhale someday soon. Less space, less stuff. *exhale* Simplify on, sister.

  2. Good job!
    We have friends who lived inside a remodeled school bus while they made up their minds. They’d drive the whole thing over and park at our house overnight for late-running card parties. Ha.
    And my in-laws lived in a teensy pull-behind camper while they repaired tornado damage. My mom-in-law even did her home canning on that microscopic stove!
    Do-able. 🙂

    1. impressive on the canning!! Thanks for the stories and kind words. while it may be a bit painful to get there, I think the reward will be rich!

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