This weekend six of us met for the third Take Care Of Your Own Shit Weekend (#tcoyos).
And it was a damn good one.
This is the first time we have rented a home and we landed on The Deepwood House, an amazing home on Mount Kessler, outside of Fayetteville, AR. Mid-century mayhem.
Last time we met I set up my Etsy shop.
My original plan for this weekend was going to be to learn a little PHP and spruce up the ol’ blog, but that all changed when I realized that applications were open for the Little Craft Show and I decided that I wanted to give it another go.
After talking myself out of it and Kelly talking me back in, I decided that was going to be it.

This weekend I completed one new basket, photographed my entire inventory of baskets, bowls & trays, and drafted 8 new listings for the shop. I am sitting pretty to meet the deadline in a week.

Mix all that in with sassy, smart, sharp ladies, lots of great food, lots of coffee, and for some of us, a decent amount of  wine and you have the kind of weekend that your cheeks hurt at the end of.


My cup runneth over.











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