practice makes perfect

things have been a little off lately
and it’s giving me lots of anxiety, which is great because, you know-


tonight at yoga, after contorting my lower half into some kind of yoga splits training and while feeling like my inner thighs might tear off the bone, my instructor reminded me to breathe.
and then she reminded me the way we come to the mat is the way we show up in life.
and then the golden(est) nugget, that has probably been said to me at least 4 different ways and likely in the exact wording- if you let it go it won’t hurt anymore.

{beats the hell out of my $40 copay}

so if you need me, I’ll be over here not making myself crazy by trying to change things that are outside of my control.

One thought on “practice makes perfect

  1. Letting go of a worry is hard. Super hard, especially when it is totally out of our control. Such a weird place we put ourselves in lol. Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride (easy for me to say).

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