this morning we were a little surprised to see a nice dusting of snow. got up and started getting ready, like usual. let the pups out- luna loves the snow, winnie is not such a fan. i put on my snow boots and robe (i know, what a hot mental image) to take some photos…



bryce left about 15 minutes before me, to head to the airport. he called just as i was getting ready to leave to let me know that there was a nice layer of ice hiding under that snow and to leave early. well, there wasn’t much time to leave early, but i did take the caution message. after my breaks locked up the first time bryce called again to let me know that the last hill that leads into an intersection was a force to be reckoned with and suggested i take the gravel road, that would put me out on the highway a little ways back, but without having to make it down a huge hill. i took his advice and was careful to be going extra slow when approaching the intersection that i was avoiding. good thing too, because just as i rounded the corner a white lexus slid down the hill, through the intersection and ALMOST off the other side of the highway. whenever there is a touch of snow or ice i will be taking the gravel road. from there on i drove about 25, which isn’t bad considering all the curvy hills. the last place bryce warned about was coming over the train tracks…you go up a small hill, make a 90 degree turn, cross over the tracks and then continue the sharp turn about 30 more degrees. the explorer before me seemed to really know what he was doing. he stopped before the tracks, eased his way over them and then gracefully slid around the turn and into the grass on the right side of the road. he popped right back on the road and continued on his merry way. i, driving a buick, did not opt for the grass and instead locked my breaks up and slid to the left into the other lane and almost off the road. luckily there was not traffic and i was able to correct it pretty quickly.

from there it was just slow going and watching people driving like jackasses. no mr.sportscar, driving as close as you can to the SUV in front of you on a 2 lane highway is not going to help you. in fact you are just asking for a multi-car pile up. once i got through town,  the “big” highway was super backed up. i arrived and was still one of the first 10 people in the office.

all in all my 35 minute commute took a little over an hour. the last report from a coworker was over 100 wrecks in NW arkansas.

suddenly it seems that the decision of whether or not to buy an all wheel drive car has been made for us.

subaru, here we come!

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