tonight i had the pleasure of seeing some friendly, sweet, sassy faces and the chance to meet some new ones as well.

tonight i was reminded that you don’t always have to say a lot. or anything at all. and that you don’t have to be sorry, provide an excuse or an explanation for why you come and go.

and that you can and always should feel free to say what you want. that you don’t have to settle and that you don’t have to be confined by contentment. that there is a lot of bravery in admitting what you want and lot of courage to go after it. and, it seems, a pure joy that comes from the journey.

ladies, it was a pleasure meeting you all. and lady (yeah YOU!), thank you for always inviting and including me. i love your our kind.

ahoy friends! i hope you are well!



p.s. liz jumped out of a plane last weekend!

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