floating the current

jill had a waterproof disposable camera on her this weekend. we took all 24 photos on the first day. i know at least six of them are of each of us, with a moss mustache.
moss fu man chu, to be exact.
i can’t tell you the last time i had film developed. the last time i had to wait, even if only an hour, to see what memories i had managed to capture. what the moment really looked like before it was reviewed and decided whether or not it was up to all involved parties standards.
those are the only photos we have of this past weekend and i can’t wait to see them.

kelly, brad, jill, brandon, bryce and i went on a two day float of the current river, in southeastern missouri. it was long and tiring and so awesome.
we met at two rivers campground friday night. b and i got there around 11:00, and the kansas city kids got there about 30 minutes later. it was late and we had to be ready to go at 7, so we all had a beer and went to sleep. it was pretty chilly.
saturday morning we drug our asses out of bed, packed up our dry bags and loaded up. a van from the campground, where we rented the canoes, hauled us about 45 minutes up the road to Akers, where we put in. the current river is spring fed, so it runs pretty good. the water is also cool to super cold and clear. in addition to the springs, which make the water a beautiful blue, there are caves, gravel bars and limestone bluffs. there are also some annoying drunks and people in tubes, but they are quick to outrun.

saturday was to be the long day. we went about 27 miles and were probably on the water for about 11 hours. we stopped and hung out a decent amount, we also explored a few caves and checked out springs.
below is pulltite spring, my favorite view of the day.
this spring you hike back to off of the river. there is also an old wood lodge tucked back there. this picture isn’t lying either. it is absolutely amazing.

via http://canoetheozarks.com

we went until we thought we had about an hour of daylight left and then we started looking for a good sand bar. this overnight floating/camping on the river thing was new to me and i like it. we made a fire, set up camp, ate some dinner, drank some baileys and reeeeeelaxed. it was lovely.
at some point we all called it a night.
i woke up fifth this morning. i think. we took out time getting up, making breakfast and, eventually, we got back on the river. i have never floated on a sunday. it was so peaceful. i think we saw 5 other people all day. the river was moving decently, so we didn’t have to work too hard. we wrapped up the float around 12:45. then we loaded up and ate some tasty burgers and fried food at the dairy shack. if you are in eminence missouri, i would suggest you go.

so there you have it. i am home. i am tired. i am sore. and i had an awesome weekend, doing something new, with some of my favorite people. i hope we have another adventure again soon, friends.

i hope this finds you well!

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